The creator

« When I create, I follow my instinct. The Arts and Crafts exalting the Fragrance offer a deep freedom and a way to reinterpret Nature. I build creations out of living materials that bear in their womb the origins of Memory. My only desire is to transmit purity by shedding light on a Land in each of my creations, in a world where feelings prevail over tangible facts. »

David Thibaud-Bourahla

David Thibaud-Bourahla is a young French creator of North African origin who grew up in an exclusively feminine environment.

Being surrounded by artists, fashion stylists, designers and artisans, he became very familiar with the creative process and developed a passion for detailed and high-quality work.

Truly a child of the Mediterranean culture, he travels the world to discover other cultures and tribes, stories passed from generation to generation, in search of adventure.

His journeys inspired and gave him the will to create a brand with “ethnic” influences which would tell unconventional stories, shared emotions and an olfactory journey just like a storybook that is open to the world, a collection of continents and fragrances.

A self taught perfume artist, he acquired the skills required for the craft of perfumery in order to be able to have an ongoing and fruitful dialogue with each artisan throughout the process. David Thibaud-Bourahla works exclusively on creations that carry meaning on top of being luxury products. That is why he values the concept of time in his work and it took him three years to complete his project.

The special notes of his perfumes only come as a confirmation of the uniqueness of his creations.

The artisan, creator of beautiful artefacts tells the story of a “homecoming” journey through his creations: back to the sources of precious material and handmade craftwork, combined with modern technology, at the very heart of an Artistic perfumery.

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