L'Indigène - The concept

« L’Indigène » was born of an intimate story that David Thibaud-Bourahla, said “Daoud”, shares with his grandfather. Daoud proudly inspired himself from this man, to retranscribe the journey, words and emotion of a man he considers the last of his ancestors ; The perfume « L’Indigène » is a torch whose light is transmitted from generation to generation...

...a passing of knowledge suspended in a time of love and modesty …a story whispered by the fire between two men of the same tribe, that several decades separate.

« L’Indigène » seals his timeless secrets into a fragrance that carries the roots of memory.

“The last heartbeat of indigenous peoples” ...

« L’Indigène » s’is inspired by the life of a Free Man ; true story that responds to the fragrance of the Maison Thibaud-Bourahla, « Crystal d’Afrique ». With its most precious living materials, this fragrance invites you to an intimate journey, evoking both the return to the roots and the exploration of new worlds. In this adventure, we must appeal to all the senses to be enchanted by the L’Indigène », experience, which expresses the deep values of a Man, a culture, a tribe. « L’Indigène » is the expression of the primordial part of the Man. A man who falls asleep lulled by the scent of the earth of his ancestors and ventures into the perfumes of a modern world.

« L’Indigène » has seen men grow ; He has travelled the times and has stood up as a thousand men against modern societies that, over the centuries, have tried to plunge his world into darkness. Both wise and modest, mysterious and unpredictable, « L’Indigène » bears on his face the caresses of time, which reveal in him his secrets, his purity, leaving to reveal an innate elegance.« L’Indigène » is a pure message in a noisy world. "It" represents the last heartbeat of Indigenous people.

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