Crystal d'Afrique - The concept

« When you don't know where you're going, look where you've come from.»

(African proverb)

A meeting halfway between the authenticity of an ancestral Africa and our modernity... Crystal d'Afrique pays tribute to this magnetic continent, with its fascinating contrasts and colors. flamboyant and with incomparable natural wealth... At the origin of the history of mankind.

Crystal d'Afrique is an authentic and exciting love story, passed on like a Tale, by word of mouth. A voice that imposes silence and tells an epic, that of a continent, a journey, a woman who goes back to her origins and Africa that comes to her... She... African Goddess, who inspired poets, sculptors, storytellers, puts her foot down again on this land of many faces... It floats in the air of lost, forgotten emotions that ripple around her...

She, beauty of Africa, gone away, towards an elsewhere, she comes back in her garden, her bewitching spaces, to find her artists with golden fingers who know how to transform her ochre earth, her woods with docile or rough flesh, her scintillating metals. She walks to find the path of memory, the beginning, the source, the Crystal of knowledge... She, the woman, the mother, the nourishing earth, becomes one and unique and walks to the four corners of the continent. She harvests in her bosom the forgotten riches, the golden perfumes, the olfactory pearls. She must create pure Crystal, which carries within it an elixir. Daughter of Eve and alchemist, Africa gave her heart, She offers us Crystal of Africa.

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