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The crystal bottle is handcrafted by artisans and recalls the sand dunes of the deserts of Africa. The round cap in precious Wengé is delicately polished by cabinetmakers, in France.

Like a wind on the cheeks both hard and soft, « l’Indigène » oscillates between sweetness and burn. Its aromatic and balsamic scents draw invisible bonds and awaken lost and forgotten feelings. l’Indigène is "culture" before being “a product" and carries with it the pure message of the Aboriginal peoples of the four corners of the world. The perfume is built around a Mugwort-Myrrh accord. The mugwort named "IZERG" in Berber language grows on the highlands of the Atlas in North Africa; allied to the resinous black Myrrh of Ethiopia, these two ancient materials warm our skins and dry out the oceans. With shades of camphor, lavender, wood and tanned leather, the famous Berber Armoise is used in "overdose" to the point of making a racy and wild scent. ...

The fragrance starts high, with fresh notes of bergamot from Ivory Coast, Basil and rose geranium from Egypt; But mugwort is fast and she takes us in her generous arms for an exuberant embrace. The heart opens with the sensual and floral Violet of Egypt allied to the spicy notes of the Ginger of Nigeria and the black Cumin of Egypt, enhanced by a Vetiver of Madagascar. The mugwort then finds its balance thanks to the warm and enveloping facets of the myrrh... the perfume softens, and it is in the quiet that it becomes powdery ; Base notes embody the ancestral force of the feminine in the masculine.

The great Berber Cedar appears, one of the last witnesses of ancient times. It expresses its power with its woody notes and plunges us into a magnificent immortal of Morocco and a tea from Rwanda with bitter and dry flavors that marry the animal facets and wild stone of Djibouti nicknamed "the stone of Gods" in the intoxicating wake of the Gurjum of Africa ; With the last rays of light of a balmy and addictive mugwort, « l’Indigène » shows all its elegance.